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Winter best food for controlling diabetes



 Winter best food for controlling diabetes

As we know diabetes becomes a common disease and separates everywhere even our most youth face this disease. According to the world health organization, most of the death occurs due to diabetes. Every year more than 11 Lakh people die all over the world due to diabetes. Diabetes patients must care for themselves and it's become difficult for them to choose which one is the best food to eat. So, don't need to worry I'll give you a shortlist of winter best food for controlling diabetes.

Winter best food for controlling diabetes

Symptoms of diabetes:

  • When you feel hunger most of the time.
  • Feeling thirsty too much at every time.
  • Getting fatigued continuously every day and feeling weakness.
  • When you getting systematic weight loss.
  • Whenever you getting any wound it takes more time for a normal person to heal. 
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If you getting these symptoms first you need to consult with a doctor. If you are a diabetes patient you need more careful in choosing food which one is suitable for your health. 

Winter best food for controlling diabetes

Some winter best food for controlling diabetes are as follows.


Cabbage is the best vegetable for diabetes patients. It's easily available in winter. You can also use this in your salad as well. That's is more beneficial for you to control diabetes. I recommend eating this in your salad as a portion of daily food.


In winter carrots are also easily available and obviously best for diabetes patients. You can use it in your salad as well as make a juice of carrot and drink daily. That will help to control diabetes. Carrot juice is also delicious so, that I think it's not bored you. Diabetes patients feel thirsty as well so I recommend drinking carrot juice daily.


Potatoes are easily available in winter as well as it's mostly a part of our food that we need in summer also. Potatoes are also helpful to control your diabetes as well.


Cloves are mostly found in spices but you can also buy them separately. And you can use it in your curry daily which will be helpful to control diabetes. 


Garlic is also the best for diabetes patients it helps to control diabetes. And you can use it also in your curry daily. As I have already mentioned above diabetes patients feel fatigued every time. So, it's the best food to reveal fatigue.

Leafy Greens

Leafy greens are like spinach, Mint, cabbage, etc. These are all helpful to control your diabetes. Like cabbage having more vitamin c and k, it's more beneficial in diabetes.
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Kiwi fruit easily available in winter that is helpful for weight loss as well as control lower blood pressure. So, it's beneficial for controlling diabetes. It's also beneficial in more diseases like heart patient, etc. 


Guava is a highly digestible food. It's having calcium, vitamin a,b,c as well as iron, potassium, etc.  That controls your high blood pressure. It's will be more beneficial to controlling your diabetes as well as also use to lose weight and having much of the benefits.

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Orange is the best one fruit to control your diabetes that's easily available in the winter season. You can also use its juice as well as use it juice with carrots juice. Both are more beneficial for controlling diabetes. 
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I hope you'll like our list of winter best food for controlling diabetes. If you have any queries related to health issues or want to know the latest research then never hesitate to contact me.

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