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Top 5 tips on How to stay fit every day.



  Top 5 tips on How to stay fit every day.

Unfortunately, we have time to complete every task but we have no time obviously for our health. It’s true. But keep in mind if you have no time for yourself, then notice something you never get pleasure after any success of your lives. So, personally, I suggest you make time for yourself. If you really get interested to stay fit every day. Then obviously, you must need to become serious about your fitness. So, Please follow our Top 5 tips on How to stay fit every day.

Top 5 tips on How to stay fit every day.

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So, if you want to look fit every day you need to follow all these important and easy Top 5 tips on how to stay fit every day.  So, here are 5 important tips as follows:

  • Say Good-Bye

If that’s your routine to stay awake for a long time then let me say you personally destroy yourself. That’s direct effects on your health. Even after it if you sleep in the morning too. So, that’s a double whammy for you. You never look fresh the whole day. That’s will really disturb your health. Even you’ll not want to eat anything the whole day looks bored. It’ll disturb your next night as well. So, in my opinion, if you want to stay fit then you must need to say goodbye to stay awake for a long time. So, You just need to complete your sleep.

Sleeping time:

Sleeping time


Sleeping Hours

0 to 3 months old

Must sleep 14 to 17 Hours

4 to 11 months old

Must sleep 12 to 15 Hours

1 to 2 years old

Must sleep 11 to 14 Hours

3 to 5 years old

Must sleep 12 to 13 Hours

6 to 13 years old

Must sleep 8 to 12 Hours

14 to 17 years old

Must sleep 8 to 11 Hours

18 to 25 years old

Must sleep 7 to 11 Hours

26 to 64 years old

Must sleep 7 to 10 Hours

Above 65 years old

Must sleep 6 to 10 Hours


  • Exercise

Exercise is the second one best tip to looks fit the whole day. You know why I put sleeping as the first tip? Because if you’ll follow the first tip of early sleeping then obviously you will be able to wake in the morning and get active to do exercise. May be daily exercise will cause some fatigue. But seriously it’s more important to looks fit every day. As most doctors recommend to do exercise daily at least 1 hour.

  • Water

If you personally ask, then I’ll recommend water even keep a freshly boiled water bottle at every time with you. If you then put some juice of a lemon in it also. It really helps you to stay fit. Even I not recommend any mineral water. But personally, I recommend the boiled water. And try to boil water well in a clean pot at home. And put it for some time. Because after boiling water some white particles will show at the surface of the pot. So, after it, you can carefully separate them from water.

Doctor Recommendations

Doctor Recommend Water



For Women’s

3.7 L

For Men’s

2.7 L


  • Be Vegetarian

That’s the fourth important tip you should follow these tips to become fit. Never use meat as daily food. Be a vegetarian instead of it. I think meat-eater can never look fit as well as vegetarian. I never mean to say goodbye to meat. But it means that to become fit you should avoid eating meat as daily food. You should eat lentils, beans as well.

Because we really don’t know which type of medicines are given to chickens for fast growth that really damages our health as well as more damage for our generations (children’s). So, you should strictly avoid your children also to stay away from chicken. But if you want to eat you can eat such chicken they are raised in barley houses. These chicken mostly available in villages. So, if these are not available then please avoid eating chicken also.

  • Stay away from Electronic devices

As we know, that’s the age of electronics. Even sometimes I think we cannot live without it. It’s true but as well as it’s harmful to us. Even we give these devices to our children. No doubt we actually want that our children learn from it. Like some cartoon that’s basic purpose is to teach your children’s it’s true from one point of view. Because your children learn extra even enjoy to learn with it.

No doubt it’s looking good. But keep in mind when they every time watch T.V even they learn from it that’s will really destroy your children's health. So, you need to fix the time for your children. As well as you also need to stay away from the continuous use of mobile, laptop, games, etc. Just use these devices whenever you really need it. If you are free you need to enjoy outdoor games. So, never waste your time on mobile, laptop, T.V, etc.

Even you can make a plan with your family to play outdoor games together. That’s will fit you as well as your children. Because in this way you can also care for your children, family as well as yourself. So, I highly recommend making a plan for outdoor games with your family. That’s will keep you and your family active and fit every day.


Please keep in mind never to eat medicine to get fast fitness that directly harms you. Maybe you get fit fast with those medicines currently but in the future, your health will go down day by day. It may cause many diseases as well. So, please stay away from you as well as your children from it. I personally recommend that you need to follow all the above Top 5 tips on How to stay fit every day.
As well as you can follow any home remedies but make sure some home remedies also can harm you. So, for it, if home remedy consists of any medicine then you need to stay away from it. But if home remedies are just to follow some precautions and natural foods that are will be suitable for you. If you want to stay fit every day. As well as you can also share these rules with your family so, that your whole family stays fit and gorgeous every time.

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