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Today Health News Why we gain Stress


   Today Health News Why we gain Stress

Why we as well as our generation get stress?

Welcome to Today Health News Why we gain Stress?

As all of you know gaining stress is a common problem. As we look everywhere, every people even today's children also get stress as well. what is the biggest problem? Why we could reveal this. Why we could n

ot come out from all this st9ress. Everyone looked worried. That's the common issue. But if we see in the past just in the '80s or '90s. Most people remain happy. 

Even children do not know the word of gaining stress I think. But in today's our children also get stress, anxiety as well as our youth. What is the reason behind why we gain stress? We will discuss research In Today Health News Why we gain Stress?

Use of SmartPhones:

In research, it proves that the excessive use of smartphones is the biggest resource to produce anxiety and increase the human stress level. As we see even our children also use it too much. And obviously, they get stress, anxious. They even can't bear anything. Their endurance is reduced. 

Which makes them irritable. Excessive use of mobile leads to down patience. They could not bear anything against their will. As a result, they gain stress. 

How smartphones affect our generation's lives?

Lack of Patience

Excessive use of smartphones increases the lack of patience in our lives as well as our generations. They could bear anything happening against their will. As a result, they get stress and as a result, it destroys their health as well as their daily lives.

Getting Diseases

When the whole day sits and just use smartphones. Even they not playing outdoor games that will be harmful to their health. As a result, they may get many diseases. Excessive use of smartphone first directly effect on eyes. You never eat foods on time. Obviously when you get health issues then it causes you to gain stress even on light problems. 

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Sleeping disturbance

Excessive use of smartphones causes a sleeping disturbance. While using mobile we really forget how much time we have spent on mobile. In this case, our sleeping time really disturbed. Late-night sleeping becomes a habit

When you use the phone late at night. In this case, you will obviously awake in the late morning. So, our whole day spent bored. That's why you'll feel anxious. You even want to free the whole day. Whenever you will get any small problem you will not find a solution for it due to mental disturbance.

Losing Concentration

Most of you know, mostly our generation use mobiles they also use mobile while working that's why they lose their concentration. So, that they could not fulfill their tasks. And they will not get their success.

Family Problems

Most of the people use mobile even while sitting within the family even while guests come to meet you. That's really a bad habit. When someone busy with all-time smartphones. Even they not feel relax with family members. Because they do not give any time to family members. In this case, they obviously gain stress while facing any small issues in the family. They will not know how to solve it. So, they remain in dark mode. 

Gain Weight

When your whole-time work is to eat, the use of smartphones, every time you will think about it. You will never make time for yourself. Then obviously you will gain weight

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Wrong Decisions

Whenever the whole concentrations are towards smartphones. Then you will not able to do a good decision. For any success, you must have the skill to do the right decisions. Even some time you need to make decisions on the spot. But if your whole concentration is towards your mobile then you will obviously get stress or depression while making decisions on the spot. 


When you will ever think about your smartphones. Which message will come, Oh! what happened right in this group etc. So, you give the full concentration towards your smartphone. You know what the thing is?


I hope you'll enjoy Today Health News Why we gain Stress? If you want to get the latest update or research also want to get healthy tips then continue to follow us. If you have any queries never hesitate to contact us here.

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