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Best food for hair growth


Best food for hair growth

You know? If you have good-looking skin but your hair growth is not well then it seems tense but not too worry about that sometimes you need to pay attention to your daily food. If you eat healthy food that will be beneficial for hair growth as fast as possible. In this article, I'm going to give you a shortlist of the best food for hair growth. 
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So, I'm sure if you include these foods in your daily routine you will get fast hair growth. As most of the foods are beneficial for growing hair as fast as possible but in this article, I have to make a shortlist for you of the top 5 best food for hair growth. 


Pumpkin is the best food that will help you to grow your hair as fast as possible. As it's rich in vitamin A, C, B5, iron, etc. It's just not good for your fast hair growth but also beneficial for your health. Mostly it's oil also available from the market for your hairs. 


Carrots will help to get shiny and thicker hairs. You can eat as well as drink a juice of carrot. You can also use orange juice in it. Both will be beneficial for you. It just not shines your hair as well as best for healthy skin, and to fight against different diseases like controlling blood pressure, etc. 

Dried Apricots

Dried Apricots are especially useful in the winter season. It will beneficial for your hairs as well as for your skin. You can also use its juice that will help to grow hairs as fast as possible as well as it's beneficial for bones, health, better digestion, etc. Apricot oil is also easily available which has more benefits as well.


Cucumber is the best food for gaining healthy hair. As it protects your hair from falling as well as it gives shines to your hair. Not only this it will beneficial for your skin too. As it is rich to have carbs, proteins, calories, fiber, fat, etc. 


Yogurt is the best food for getting healthy shiny hairs. It will just not give you the benefit of eating it. But as well as if you can apply it with honey in your hairs that will strengthen your hair, as well as your hairs, will get shine. Sometimes it's mask makes by using yogurt, honey, and egg that will beneficial for your hair. However, you can comment us if you want to get a proper home remedy for it.
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So, guys, these are all the best food for growing health. No doubt, many other foods like papaya, almonds, etc. are the best for hair but if you want to get a detailed list you can contact me and leave a message. We will obviously help you by providing details as well as some home remedies for it. So, never forget to leave a comment if you really get interested. 
I hope you will make a routine to eat these best food for hair growthYou can also check home remedies for weight loss by clicking the below link and check other articles for gaining fitness and health. Thanks to all.
Note: I highly recommend to massage your hair with mustard oil before getting a shower. Mostly the reason for falling hairs in winter is due to dryness. So, make sure to massage your hair that will be the best treatment for fast hair growth. If you want to apply the serum then keep in mind chose a good serum that is really beneficial for getting healthy hairs. 
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Because sometimes a bad serum may cause to get falling hairs or damaged hairs. So, be careful to choose a good serum either expensive. If you want to get any home remedy for it never ever hesitate to contact us. At the last let me say eat such food that having rich in Vitamin E. 
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