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How to Lose Weight in a week at home as fast as possible



 How to Lose Weight in a week at home as fast as possible

Everyone who has enough weight wants to lose it. If you read this article and follow all tips on how to lose weight in a week carefully at home then hopefully you will get the result. But keep in mind sometimes you maybe get yourself wrong. So, to check wheter you have healthy weight or not? You can read our second article in which i berifly describe on how to check you have healthy weight or not. 
But in this article, I want to share with you a home remedy on how to lose weight in a week at home as fast as possible

How to Lose Weight in a week at home as fast as possible

Keep in mind before reading the article never think that if you are eating junk food, using fatty oily foods, fast foods, in a daily routine and never do an exercise, etc and you just want to eat something that's losing your weight. Then let me say sorry you are thinking wrong. 
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You first need to follow all the precautions if you really want to get to know how to lose weight in a week at home as fast as possibleSome of these are already been describe in my previous article, you can check by clicking here. 
And some of the precautions are as follows.
  • Water Baby: The first one that I ever recommend to drink boiled water as much as possible either it's summer season or winter. In winter I ever recommend to drink boiled water but not cold. 
  • Exercise: Exercise! Exercise! Exercise! If you are not want to do exercise then I think you never ever lose weight. Keep in mind stay away from medicines. Just use natural think to lose weight. And if you think you can lose weight immediately, then you are thinking like a child. Everything needs to take time for it's happening. So, make a plan to do daily fast exercise for at least 15 minutes.
  • Never weight yourself daily: If you are doing to weight yourself daily then you will be demotivated. So, I really prefer never weight on a daily basis. 
So, For more precautions, you check the previous article. But if you are not going to check all above are enough precautions to follow this home remedy tip on how to lose weight in a week at home as fast as possible.

Home Remedy on How to Lose Weight in a Week at home as fast as possible

It's a simple home remedy so, that you can follow and make it at home easily. 
  • Take three things Cumin, Celery Leaves, and Linseed.
  • Take an equal quantity of 50g equal weight of all three cumin, celery leaves, and linseed. 
  • Now grand all these separately as possible as well until it's changing into powder. 
  • Now mixed them well.
  • Your home remedy is ready to take. 


Eat 1 teaspoon before eating breakfast with simply boiled water every day. Make sure to eat when you eat nothing your stomach is empty before breakfast. Hopefully, your weight will be lost in 24 days 4kg. 

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Important Note:

If you have diseases like heart patient, cancer, diabetes, etc. then make sure to avoid them. Although these three materials Cumin, Celery Leaves, and Linseed are not dangerous and natural foods. But if you are patient then you need to avoid even home remedies until your doctor recommends them or not. So, if you are a patient for weight loss you can follow other simple instructions here. Although those instructions take some time to lose weight.
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So, make sure to follow all the tips, precautions as well as this home remedy in routine. So, guys these all material for home remedies is easily available at a lower price in the market. So, don't worry about the highest cost. These are not expensive everyone can buy them. So, after following this home remedy if you feel changes then never forget to comment to us. I hope you will like our home remedy on how to Lose Weight in a week at home as fast as possible. If you have any query related to health tips, fitness, home remedies you can contact me here.
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