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How to lose weight in 3 days 1 kg?



  How to lose weight in 3 days 1 kg?

Why you need to be slim down?

As early as you can get obesity is not good for you. You need to be slim down. Because of Overweight cause many diseases. So, I think you nee

d to make time for yourself. Overweight is no such thing that you cannot get a ride. But you just need to follow some precautions. I really, highly recommend home remedies. So, there are some precautions that are given below as well as home remedies. In which I briefly describe, h
ow to lose weight in 3 days 1 kg.

Home Remedies:

1) In Morning:

In the morning drink 1 a glass of water but make sure to squeeze the lemon in it. And drink this water.

At breakfast just eat 2 boiled eggs. But if you are patient and eggs not suitable for you. In this case, you can eat just one egg completely. A cup of green tea is really perfect for you.

2) At After Noon:

Eat a bowl of salad. Make sure not to use fancy salad like Macaroni salad, Pasta salad, etc. Instead of it just use simple plane salad, which consists only capsicum, carrot, radish, beetroot, cabbage, tomato, onion, etc. You can also use lemon on it. Take 200g fish or chicken. Weight before taking pieces of fish or chicken. You can eat after noon. Make sure not to use ketchup. Instead of it, you can use Yogurt with mint. That’s really perfect for losing weight. In this case, for sweet, you can just eat 1 Date only. 

3) Evening:

In the evening just drink a cup of green tea. Because that will really help to lose weight.

4) Dinner:

Your dinner just is like after noon. So, eat a bowl of plain salad. Make sure if you get “Gastric acidity” using radish & cabbage. And eat only 200g fish or salad.


·         Good Bye Fast & Junks food:

Never use fast & junks food. Even after losing weight. Because that directly give bad impacts on your stomach. So, you’ll get overweight. So, you must need to stay away from junks and fast food, if you really get interested to lose your weight.

·         Do Exercise and Play Games:

Exercise is also more important to lose weight. It will really help you to get slim down. Play an outdoor game. Like basketball, football, cricket, etc. Morning and evening walk is as well as necessary for you to lose weight fast.

·         Good Bye excessive use of T.V, Laptop, and cell phone:

If you really want to look smart and slim. First follow all the above instructions as well as stop excessive use of T.V, Laptop, cell phone, or another electronic device that really harms you. When you sit the whole day and watch continuously obviously your stomach could not digest as a normal person. So, that you’ll get overweight.

·         Drink water:

Keep in mind water will be more helpful to get fit as well as to lose weight. And if you put fresh lemon juice in it that will be perfect for you to lose weight.

·         Stop excessive use of Oil:

As I have already mentioned, just say goodbye to fast food. As well as never use too much oil in your food after following this home remedy “How to lose weight in 3 days 1kg”.

·         Never use any medicine:

I really prefer home remedies to lose weight fast. I never recommend any medicine to get to lose weight fast. That really causes to upset your stomach as well as your health. So, please never use medicines to get slim down fast.

·         Eat Vegetables:

After following above Home Remedies “How to lose weight in 3 days 1 kg?”. I really prefer fresh vegetables. Make sure these are fresh. Never use those vegetables that are out of season or stored vegetables.

·         Eat fruits instead of fast foods:

Follow our above home remedies and never use extras. But after it, you can eat fruits instead of fast foods. Apple is the best fruit to get fit ever.


As I already mention that never ever think you’ll lose weight using medicine fast this will really harm you. But if you follow carefully our home remedies you’ll hopefully get slim down. But ever keep in mind “Everything needs to take time to happen”. So, don’t behave silly. Or never give up. Keep in mind never remain too much hunger.

 If you carefully follow instructions to lose weight then you’ll obviously see the stunning changes in your weight loss. Thanks to all. Please follow us for more health-related tips. And share with your friends that you think he/she must pay attention to be slim down. I hope you'll like our home remedies tips on how to lose weight in 3 days 1 kg? If you have any query related to "how to lose weight in 3 days 1 kg" you can comment below.

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