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How to look younger than your age in winter


   How to look younger than your age in winter

In the winter season, the most problem we face is that we look much elder than our age. So, In this article, I'm going to discuss some important tips on how to look younger than your age in winter.
Because as winter start we look that our skin becomes rough. We got our skin dry. That's the biggest problem that's why your wrinkles may appear on your face. And you may lose your beauty. Here are some tips, so that if you follow you'll look younger than your age in the winter season.

How to look younger than your age in winter


As the winters come we actually not focus on drink water. That's why we got more dry skin in winter. I really suggest to take a boiled water bottle every time with you and drink it.
Drink it even you not feeling thirsty that will be helpful for your skin as well as your health.

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Vitamin D

Vitamin D is more and more necessary for your skin, especially in winter. As most of you know Sun is the major source of vitamin D. But in winter Sun is rarely seen. So, how we can get vitamin D?


 Most of the vegetables consist of vitamin D. So, include those vegetables as a portion of daily food that having much vitamin D like potato, Cabbage, etc.

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You need to eat fresh fruits daily that having much vitamin D like oranges are mostly available in winter easily that having much vitamin D. So, you need to eat fresh fruits for getting vitamin D. 


Never take sunbathe without using sunscreen or sunblock. Sunscreen will protect your screen from ultraviolet rays. And your skin will look fresh. Make sure to choose the sunscreen that is suitable for your skin. And apply it the whole day on your skin. 


You need to reduce the duration of taking bath. And use lukewarm water. After taking a bath you need to use a moisturizing lotion. It will keep your skin fresh. Keep in mind choose the best moisturizing lotion that's suitable for your skin. 


In winter Our hair also becomes dry and getting dandruff. So, to look younger you also need to care for your hair. So, Before taking bath you need to massage your hair with Mustard Oil. That will obviously suitable for you as well as it reduces getting dandruff. 

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hope you'll like our tips on how to look younger than your age in winter. If you have any queries related to this topic on how to look younger than your age in winter as well as more health tips. So, never hesitate to contact us. We obviously provide you the best suggestions related to your skin or health.

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We also provide home remedies for your skin or health care. So, just send your comment to us and say everything to say caring. We will obviously help you with our best suggestions. 

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