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Best Tips on How to reduce screen time for children



Best Tips on How to reduce screen time for children

As it's an age of technology and our youth as well as our kids are now take too much interest in it. Even they spend most of their time on screen. Either they want to play games, watch movies and learn something they use a screen for it. And it seems too difficult to reduce the screen time for our kids. So, in this article, I'm going to give you some tips on how to reduce screen time for children. Really if you follow this your kids get a healthy life. 

First, let me discuss how screens give a bad impact on your kids.

Mentally disturbed

When your child spent most of their time on the screen then you will see that your child will get mental disturbance every time. Even they will start weeping just facing the minor problem. 

Negative Thinking

Even you will not think about that but it's true. Your kid may become negative minded. Their point of view will be turned into negative thinking. 

Harmful for Eyes

The weakness of eyesight becomes a common problem. And the biggest source is too much giving time to screen. Even mostly our children also have a big issue of the weakness of eyesight. Excessive use of screens will be harmful to your kids. It will directly affect your kid's eyes. And mostly at small age children have to face this issue. So, try to avoid them from the screen as much as possible. 
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Become Anxiety patient

There are multiple chances that due to excessive use of screen your kid may become an anxiety patient and obviously they will not behave like a normal child. 


Due to excessive use of screen size may get diseases like headache, ear haring function, heart diseases, brain tumor, etc. So, please try to avoid their children from the screen. As there also other drawbacks of excessive use of the screen. But let's a look at tips on how to reduce screen time for children. 

Reduce screen time for kids

Make time for your children

First, you need to make time for your children. Because your child needs your attention. As if you could not make time for your child for some enjoyment or chill then obviously he/she will try to chill by using the screen. So, the first thing you need to make time for your children.

Play Outdoor Games

You can convince your children to play outdoor games. Even make time to play with them. Because these are the habits of children that they want some chill daily as well as want to do some activity. So, try to create such an environment so that they can do their desired activity rather than using a mobile phone or screen. 

Fixed Screen Time

If your child is too much keen on using the screen. Then you can fix their time for it. Mostly child wants to play the game or watching cartoons. So, can fix the time for it. And after it, you can change their focus by just saying "let's play together" or "let's come outside for exercise with me". Don't worry children are so innocent and you can easily change their focus. But they just need your love, your care, and attention.
Best Screen time for children by age

Stay away

Mostly children's habits are to eat food while watching the screen. Never ever allow it to do. When it's time to eat then stay away from the screen and never ever allow them even if you have to be tough on the kid, do it. Because that's harmful to your children.

What you need to do?

Reduce your screen time as well. Keep in mind children always learn from you as well as the environment you provide for them. So try to make a schedule as you can spend most of your time with your children. 
So, if you want your children to follow your rule then the first thing is to follow the rules, you first. Then I think there will be no need to implement these rules on your children's forcefully. They automatically start to follow your rules.  
To check what is the best time limits for your kids you can check this article given below.
Best Screen time for children by age
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