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Best Screen time for children by age



Best Screen time for children by age

As there is an age of screen and our generation takes too much interest on screen. Even they want to use it the whole day and late at night. And that seems too much difficult to fix the screen time for your children.  In this article, I'll give you a shortlist of the best screen time for children by age. So, that you can try to implement it on your children. 
How to reduce screen time for children

How screen time can affect our generation?

Excessive use of screen time may cause different diseases like heart patient, mental disturbance, as well as disturbed your children so that they may get anxious. So, if you want to keep your children safe then you need to reduce their screen time. 
And for most people, it seems too much difficult how we can schedule the timing of our children's age. What is the best timing for it? Because we could not force our children to stop using the screen. But we can fix a time for it. Because sometimes the screen is not just used for fun.

So, you can fix the timing for it. So that they can also enjoy and learn as well. So, I'm going to suggest the best screen time for your kids by their age.

18 Month Kid or above

Try to stay away from the screen even video chatting as well. Because it's too harmful to your baby.  Because mostly this time is your baby grow fast so, it will be harmful to your baby. So, try to completely stay away from the screen. At this age your baby just needs you. So, spent time with them even play with them as well.

2 to 3 Years Old

Limit the screen time for your children up to 1 hour per day only. And keep in mind you must know the activity of your kid. How he/she is using the screen in simple words what they are watching?
Is it best for them or not? If they like cartoons then first you need to watch cartoons that he/she likes more. And the check is it good for them or not? 

4 to 7 Years Old

You need to fix the screen time for your 4 to 7-year children up to 1.5 to 2 hours per day. And you must know what they watch or play. How they use the screen? Is this best for them or not. Keep in mind if your child already has weak eyesight they try to allow them to use the screen only for 1 hour per day. 

8 to 12 Years Old

If your child is 8 to 12 years old then the best screen time for them is up to 3 to 3.5 hours only per day. And obviously, you must know what they are watching on tv and their interest as well. 

12 to 18 Years Old

Limit screen time for your 12 to 18 years old child to only 4 hours per day. If they use mobile or smartphone then must implement the security. You must know what they are doing. And never ever allow them to watch screen late at night or during food as well. 

I hope you will like Best Screen time for children by age and implement it on your children as well. If you have any query never hesitate to contact me as well as check our other articles related to health and care. 

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