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Best food to stay fit



 Best food to stay fit

Everyone wants to stay fit every day but we need to focus on our daily routine. Sometimes we need to change our lifestyle. And sometimes the reason may change as if you get any harmful diseases. so, first, analyze yourself and focus on your foods. In this article, I'm going to give you the shortlist of the best food to stay fit every day. 
So the first thing is to make a routine of early sleeping as well as to wake up early in the morning that will keep you fit and fresh the whole day. 
Otherwise, your whole day will spend bored even in stress as well. And keep in mind if you want to stay fit the whole day never forget to exercise on a daily basis even you can exercise at least 10 minutes to 30 minutes. 
After this, you need to follow the best food to make it as a portion of daily food for your fitness listed below that are all the best food to stay fit.
Best food to stay fit

Dried Fruits

As the winter season is starting and it's best for you to eat dried fruit that will be beneficial for your fitness. Because it will improve your bone health, as well as some of the dried fruits, maintain your weight and best for a healthy heart. Some dried fruits like walnuts will beneficial for a lower risk of diabetes that contains B vitamin complex. Also helpful to expand memory retention.
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Green Vegetables

Green vegetables are the best for your fitness like broccoli, cabbage, peas, okra, string beans, spinach, etc. So, include green vegetables as a daily portion of food as leafy greens are rich in proteins, calories, carbs, fiber, etc. 


To stay fit every day you also include salad as a portion of daily food. Keep in mind use a plane simple salad in which you can use green vegetables like cabbage, cucumber, etc. As cucumber will be beneficial for your fitness as well as it helps you to manage diabetes, reduces bad breath, helps to keep your body fit and healthy.


Milk having 137 calories, 0G fiber, 13G carbs, 9.8G protein, 5G fat as well as rich in calcium and vitamin D. It will give you healthy bones, healthy teeth and reduce your stress level. It will also strengthen your immune system. So, you can use it simply as well as drink a milkshake. The better option is to drink normal warm milk before sleeping and as well as drink a milkshake in the morning. 
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Both will be beneficial for you to fit your whole day. Keep in mind when you drink normal warm milk before sleeping you will obviously enjoy a good sleep and feel fresh when you get up early in the morning. 


Include tomatoes in your salad as a portion of daily food. As it's in vitamins and minerals that will help to prevent cancer as well as good for your skin and hairs, good for diabetes patient, to reduce high blood pressure as well as for your weight loss that will also strengthen your bones.

Bananas for fitness

As bananas having 105 Calories, 3.10G fiber, 1.3G protein, 27G carbs, and 0.4G fat that will increase your energy and reduce your stress. It will also benefit you to prevent kidney stones, regulate your blood sugar level as well as best for weight loss. 


As blueberries rich in calories, proteins, fiber, fat, carbs that will pump up your immune system, and reduce the risk of a heart attack. As well as beneficial for your health, fitness, and healthy bones. 
It will also prevent you to get cancer and best for your healthy hairs as well. 
I hope guys, you will like our shortlist of the best food to stay fit every day. And hopefully, you will make a routine to include all of these foods as a portion of daily food and enjoy fitness. So, if you have any queries as well as want to get any home remedy never hesitate to contact us. Never forget to comment and thanks to all. 
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